WoodEze 1 Face Cord Firewood Rack

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WoodEze 1 Face Cord Firewood Rack

Proudly crafted in the USA the WoodEze 1 Face Cord Firewood rack is the most durable log rack available in today's market. It is constructed of a high quality 16 gauge steel and features a powder coated finish for added durability and weather and scratch resistant. Not to mention it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Whether you need wood for a fireplace, firepit or wood stove, this DIY outdoor firewood rack features a great design, resistant materials and lifetime guaranteed quality. It's easy to see why people have said that the WoodEze 1 Face Cord Firewood Rack is the most popular product in its category on the market today 

The Best Heavy Duty Metal Outdoor Firewood Rack on the market

The WoodEze 1 FaceCord Firewood Rack is constructed of 1 1/2 inch, 16 gauge steel tubing that is heavy duty and high quality. The exclusive added uprights add extra strength, stability and support and the entire rack is made of scratch and weather resistant materials. 

The Firewood Rack also includes stainless steel hardware that never rusts and features an electro powder coated black finish that is scratch resistant and will hold up to the harshest of weather conditions. 

It is recommended to use washers on the bolts that are passing through the bottom strap, to prevent bolt head from damaging the bottom tube. These washers are NOT INCLUDED.

WoodEze Firewood Rack Assembly Instructions

This Log Rack is the perfect firewood holder as it can hold up to 1 full face cord of wood on the rack

The WoodEze Firewood Rack comes with one 48 inch log Rack and 1 Expansion kit that takes the full width to 94.5 inches. Additional Expansion kits are available to help keep your wood supply accessible all winter long. The rack is 47 inches tall and 14 inches deep and can hold approximately one face cord of wood neatly stacked. It is recommended that logs be cut at least 16 to 18 inches long to sit properly on the rack.

A good suggestion is to double check the width of your firebox as well as the appliance manual to determine the preferred log size for your unit. Firewood may need to be cut down to size before use.

This rack holds one FACE cord of wood, not a full cord of wood. A full cord of wood is equal to three face cords.

The Large Firewood Stand is proudly made in the USA and is made for Indoor or Outdoor Firewood Storage

Proudly crafted in the USA, the WoodEze Expandable Firewood Rack helps keep firewood dry, by elevating firewood 4.5 inches off the ground. This allows air to circulate under and around the wood allowing the firewood to cure quicker and more evenly. If wood is properly cured then it is allowed to burn hotter and more efficiently, thus reducing the risk of added creosote buildup within the chimney. Creosote is a chemical buildup that is produced during the combustion stage while burning wood and can be extremely flammable if left untreated.

WoodEze Firewood Rack Assembly Instructions

Extra Expansions and Firewood Rack Cover can be purchased as well

Check out the other product offerings from WoodEze.

WoodEze 1/2 Face Cord Expansion Kit

1 Face Cord Cover for WoodEze Rack

What is the best way to store firewood?

It is always a good idea to use a firewood rack to store firewood wood. Racks help keep the firewood elevated from the ground. This allows air to circulate around and help dry out the wood. Properly cured wood burns hotter and allows your appliance to operate more efficiently.

Do I need a rack to store firewood?

A well made firewood rack is the best option for storing firewood. This WoodEze wood holder is made of resistant materials that will withstand rain, wind, hail and snow. It also features a quality design that will be perfect for storing firewood for use in your fire pit, fireplace or wood stove.

How much firewood fits in an 8 foot rack?

This WoodEze firewood rack is nearly 8 feet long and can hold one face cord of wood. A full cord of word is equal to three face cords of wood.

How to build a firewood rack?

Why build a rack when you can purchase the WoodEze Face Cord rack and assemble it in minutes? This rack has a lifetime warranty and quality, made in the USA, 16 gauge steel construction that will save you time and energy. This is an outstanding product that will outlast its competitors.

  • Kit Includes: 1 - 48" Log Rack and 1 - Expansion Kit
  • 47" Height x 14" Deep x 94 1/2" Width
  • Construction Material: 16 Gauge 1 1/2" Square Steel Tubing
  • Holds approximately 1 Face Cord of firewood neatly stacked
  • Stainless Steel Hardware '' never rusts
  • Electro powder coated black paint
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Highest quality steel components
  • Powder coated finish for durability
  • Expandable as your needs grow
  • Proudly crafted in the USA
Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty - WoodEze Firewood Racks are guaranteed for life! If at any time your WoodEze firewood rack fails for any reason simply contact us for a replacement or part. Rack covers are guaranteed for 1 year.
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