Custom Firescreen

Woodeze is a trusted brand offering high-quality wood-burning products and accessories. Known for their durability and efficiency, Woodeze provides fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits, and related tools designed to enhance home comfort and ambiance.

The WoodEze Brand was created in 2007 by Northline Express to offer wholesale pricing on our most popular products. We wanted to make the best pricing available on these items for all of our customers (not just big businesses). We pride ourselves in creating a ever expanding variety of items for your home and hearth. 

The WoodEze Brand is now expanding even more with our newest selection of outdoor products which includes the WoodEze Pizza Oven, WoodEze Rocket Stove and WoodEze Camping Stove.

These outdoor cooking stoves and ovens are fantastic for camping or entertaining in your backyard. The Rocket Stove has been a popular item among outdoor enthusiasts because of it's slender and lighter design allowing it to be transported easier than a traditional grill. As outdoor living and staycations have become more popular, we work to bring you the latest trending products available at a great price. 

Our biggest category of WoodEze products are our beautiful hearth pads, wall-boards and risers. We also offer our popular hearth pads in a corner cut design. Hearth pads are designed to allow clearances while also protect your floors and walls from the heat of your stove. Made from slate or tile, these hearth pads are constructed with an iron frame to insure stability and provide superior protection for the area surrounding your wood stove.

WoodEze has you covered indoor and outdoors for all of your heating needs! One of our more popular products are Patio Heaters. Whether you are a business owner looking to expand your outdoor patio or home owner ready to entertain, Patio Heaters are a wonderful addition to your outdoor social spaces. 

See what our valued customer, Stephanie, had to say about our WoodEze Umbrella Patio Heater

"Delivery was speedy. And it was fairly easy to set up- my husband was able to do so on his own, with just a little help from me. We used it on our covered patio on a 40 degree winter night and it made it tolerable to be out there with just coats and some blankets. Used again in the garage with the door open on Christmas morning with extended family and it was quite comfortable. Think it'll be great to extend the patio season through the spring and fall here in WNY. We love it!!"

Another popular product is our WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter. We first introduced this log splitter in 2010 and received a huge following of fans of this splitter. Our customers were impressed time and time again with the enormous power that this little wood splitter provided. We even created a video to demonstrate it's work capacity and that video now has 155,000 views! You can watch it now here.

We also offer the perfect Firewood Rack for your split wood! Our WoodEze 1/2 Face Cord Firewood Rack is a fan favorite. Our customers love this rack and that they can purchase addtional sections to expand it. This firewood rack ships compact and assembles in minutes!