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All About Direct Vent Fireplaces

Jun 17th 2020

All About Direct Vent Fireplaces

What are Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct vent fireplaces are a great choice for rooms in which a traditional masonry fireplace is not practical or possible. A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace is also great for those homeowners who want instant heat without the mess and maintenance that is associated with burning wood. Using a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace does not require an existing masonry chimney or brick fireplace and require very little pipe for installation. Direct Vent Fireplaces can be vented horizontally through an outside wall or vertically through the roof and will minimize heat loss through the chimney.

Direct Vent Fireplaces simulate a true wood burning fire with realistic ceramic or refractory logs, a glowing ember bed, and vibrant dancing flames. A Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces will come with factory installed gas logs that cannot be modified or changed in any way. A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace saves space by allowing furniture to be positioned on either side since heat is radiated out the front of the unit and they can also be inset into a wall making them a popular option for condos and apartments.

How Does a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Work

A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace does not require a chimney and can vent horizontally out a sidewall or vertically through a roof. Direct Vent Fireplaces have a completely enclosed chamber that is extremely efficient, drawing in air for combustion from the outside and expelling gases to the outside as well. Direct Vent Fireplaces have a porous front glass enclosure that allows radiant heat to pass into the room. Direct Vent Fireplaces are able to heat the room without robbing it of oxygen or of the heated air it is providing, while also keeping it free of fumes and combustible materials such as ash and embers.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Vent Pipe

Direct Vent Fireplaces use Direct Vent Pro chimney pipe which is a unitized, coaxial venting system designed for use with direct vent gas or propane stoves, heaters, and fireplaces. Direct Vent chimney pipe is a double-wall chimney venting system with an aluminum inner wall and laser-welded galvalume outer wall. Direct Vent chimney pipe runs through a hole in the wall behind the unit, or through the roof above it. The outer pipe draws air in from the outside to create combustion for burning the gas while the inner pipe takes waste to the outside.

                Direct vent fireplace
Direct Vent Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are becoming all the rage over wood burning fireplaces due to their convenience, low cost and easy operation. Gas fireplaces offer instant heat that can be easily started and controlled at the push of a button..

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Direct Vent Pro is engineered with excellence, innovation, and style and is specified exclusively by nearly every major stove and fireplace manufacturer in the US and Canada. Direct Vent Pro features tight inner connections for superb performance with no gaskets or sealants required (unless specified by the appliance manufacturer). Dura Vent Pro features low-profile locks and no hems or beads for a beautiful product that looks elegant in any interior.

Direct venting is considered a safe system because no air from inside is used in combustion and all wastes flow to the outside. Both of these actions reduce the risks of carbon monoxide buildup within the house.

Direct Vent Fireplace Styles

Direct Vent Fireplaces are available in a variety of styles with various kits and trim. Whether you wish to capture the authenticity of a true masonry fireplace or design a fireplace that is full of modern flair, Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces can bring your vision to life.

Some Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces are designed to look like a true masonry fireplace for those who want the traditional, real fireside experience without all of the mess and maintenance that goes along with wood burning. Some Direct Vent Fireplaces come with brick panels and others even include a fireplace mantel for a true masonry look and feel.

Direct Vent Fireplaces are also available in models that burn accessories other than gas logs. For example, Napoleon offers a variety of Direct Vent Fireplaces that create a tranquil, calming atmosphere with unique flame patterns and modern contemporary designs. These modern Direct Vent Fireplaces showcase slender flame patterns that tower over a ceramic bowl full of smooth river rocks or glass embers.

Direct Vent Fireplaces are also available in open end and peninsula models that offer multiple views of the fire. Peninsula and open end direct vent fireplaces offer installation possibilities that are virtually endless and will be the focal point of the room no matter where you choose to install them.

Most direct vent fireplaces can be installed in virtually any room including the bedroom, bathroom and even in mobile homes. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces can also be installed between rooms and in corners where less space is utilized.

Most Direct Vent models are capable of achieving greater heat gains by adding a blower to them so warm air is circulated throughout the home no matter where they are. Be sure to check your local codes before installing a Direct Vent Fireplace in a bedroom, bathroom or mobile home.

Direct vent fireplaces offer many benefits to homeowners. They are a low maintenance, versatile home heating option that presents all of the beauty and ambiance of a true wood burning fire without all of the hard work, installation costs, mess and maintenance of burning real wood.

Due to their advanced technology and the fact that they don't use room air for combustion, Direct Vent Fireplaces operate with up to 60-70 percent efficiency. Direct vent fireplaces will not alter the quality of your room air because combustion air is drawn from outside the home and 100 percent of the combustion by-products are exhausted to the outside.

Simplify your life. Whether you are a home owner, a renter, or a business owner you will enjoy the instant heat, exciting flame presentation, and the warm glow and a touch of ambiance that a Direct Vent Fireplace creates.