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All About Type-B Gas Vent Fireplaces

All About Type-B Gas Vent Fireplaces

Jun 18th 2020

This Article has been approved by our on staff NFI Certified Specialists & Master Hearth Professionals

Type-B Gas Vent is a chimney venting system that is specifically designed to make use of air within the room to aid combustion. Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent Pipe is a low-cost, space saving chimney venting system that is relatively easy to install. Type-B Gas Vent features a durable build that is designed to meet the rugged demands on the job site with inner walls that are recessed to eliminate damage in handling during installation.

Type-B Gas Vent Pipe features twist-lock connections, and precision wedged fittings which offer a superior positive-lock connection that is fast and easy to assemble. When necessary, Type-B Gas Vent Systems can also be disconnected without damage to the product.

Dura Vent Type-B Gas Vent Pipe has been engineered to heat up rapidly. It remains hot during the operation of the appliance with minimal condensation in the appliance and vent system. Pipe lengths are available in multiple lengths, 6 to 60 inches, with a full complement of adjustable and rigid fittings.

Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent Pipe Features and Benefits

  • Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent features a heavy gauge aluminum liner to provide fast warm-up. This allows Type-B Gas Vent to create a quick, strong draft and provide corrosion resistance for safe and trouble-free performance.

  • Type-B Gas Vent Pipe features male and female ends that are hemmed to provide structural integrity and prevent ovalization. The hemmed edges on Type-B Gas Vent chimney systems also eliminate sharp edges that can cause injuries on the job site. Damage in handling is also avoided due Type-B Vent's recessed liner.

  • Type-B Gas Vent features die formed ends to ensure a consistent fit, easy twist-lock assembly, and proper alignment.

  • Type-B Gas Vent Pipe feature inverse beads to add rigidity and ensure proper spacing between the inner liner and outer wall. The inverse beads also seal the air chamber between the inner liner that heats up rapidly and the outer walls. As a result, the inner liner of Type-B DuraConnect Vent Pipe is allowed to heat up rapidly and remain hot during fireplace operation to minimize the effects of condensation.

Type-B Gas Vents are not suitable for use with wood burning or coal applications, industrial ovens, exhaust ranges and hoods, grease or pollution ducting, or as free-standing exhaust vents for high-temperature applications.

Duravent type b gas vents

Gas logs simulate a true wood burning fire from the life-like ceramic fiber, concrete, or refractory logs down to the glowing ember bed, and vibrant dancing flames.

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Type-B Gas Vent Pipe Applications

  • Type-B Gas Vent Pipe is for use with natural gas or liquid propane category I and draft hood equipped appliances, and appliances tested and listed to use Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent Pipe. Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent applications include: natural gas fireplaces, gas-fired furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and wall or space heating applications

Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent Listings

  • UL Listed to UL 441 and UL 1777 (MH6357)

  • ULC Listed to ULC S605 (CMH1276 & CMH1407)

Type-B Gas Vent Clearances

  • 1" Clearance to combustibles in single and multi-family dwellings

Type-B DuraConnect Gas Vent Diameters

  • "-30" Round Diameter

  • 4", 5" and 6" Oval

Type-B Gas Vent Materials and Construction

  • Round Type-B Gas Vent 3" - 8" and oval 4" - 6": Aluminum .012" inner wall, galvanized .018" outer wall

  • Round Type-B Gas Vent 10" - 16": Aluminum .016" inner wall, galvanized .021" outer wall

  • Round Type-B Gas Vent 18" - 30": Aluminum .020" inner wall, galvanized .021" outer wall

  • 3" - 16" Diameters feature twist lock fittings, screws required for 14" and larger diameters

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