Army Seal Garden Flag 12" x 18" Nylon

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Patriotic USA Army Garden Flag for your Yard and Outdoors

Support for the brave men and women that either are currently serving or have served in the United States Army can come in many forms and the Army Seal Garden Flag is one of them. This flag comes in at 12 by 18 inches, the standard size for our garden flags and is made of nylon, our "all weather," material that will keep your flag waving true for years to come. Featuring the official United States Army Seal in the center and coming with a pole hem for easy display that will hang on any garden flag holder, your garden will proudly share with your community what you really care about.

Other U S Military Garden Flags and Banners for Veterans

The United States Flag Store is no stranger to patriotism and support to all the major military branches of the United States of America, that's why we offer military garden flags for all of them. Whether you're involved with them yourself, know someone who is or just simply want to show your pride, these garden flags will do just that. We have garden flags from the United States Navy, the Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army and the Air Force. You can shop all of our Military and Public Service Garden Flags here.

What is the Official United States Army Flag?

The official Army flag is normally what you will see at parades or flying from the buildings of official United States Army bases. This flag has an all-white background with the seal of the United States Army, with a scarlet scroll below that reading, " United States Army." Underneath is the number, "1775," representing the year that Army was founded.

Can civilians fly American Military Flags?

Civilians can indeed fly military flags. Although many people have their own reasoning for doing so, most do this as a sign of solidarity, support and or pride in their specific military branches. This could be because they themselves are currently serving or have served, or they know someone who is or has, or they just have strong feelings towards it. Of course, it could very well be all three and even so, this could very well differ from person to person.

What are the 3 types of military flags?

The 3 types of military flags are personal flags, service flags and maritime flags. Personal flags are used to display representation of an officer in the military, also the President of the United States has his own personal flag. Service flags are to represent the different branches of the military, and these are among the most common you will see displayed. Maritime flags are used in the Navy to communicate.

What is the purpose of a garden flag?

A garden flag is simply another option in regard to waving a flag. For some, it can be easier than using a flagpole or setting something up on their front porch. Garden flags provide the owners the ability to easily move their flags, so they are not stuck in the same spot. They are a wonderful way to share with your friends, family and community what you are passionate about.

  • 12" x 18" size
  • Features US Army Seal in the center
  • Pole hem for easy display
  • Made in the USA
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12in x 18in
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