Fire Starting Tips

Jun 17th 2020

Fire Starting Tips

We at NorthlineExpress know that starting a fire can be a difficult process and we have put together a step-by-step process in which you can follow to assure a successful startup. Just like any job you will need the proper tools first.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools - You will only need three things to get your fire going quickly and easily. The first is properly seasoned wood.  Wood that has a moisture content of 20%-25% is properly seasoned to be used in a fireplace. Since all of us do not have a moisture meter, let us rely on a time frame. Wood that has been split for at least 8 months should have a moisture content that is suitable for combustion. The idea is split your wood in the spring with anyone of our fine wood splitters and store it in your WoodEze Rack and cover until winter. The second item you will need is a firestarter. I prefer to use two types of firestarters; one is called Fatwood and the other is...well... Firestarter. Pretty groundbreaking name there, huh?

Firewood racks
Firewood Racks

Keep your firewood high and dry with one of our firewood racks. Firewood racks are essential fireplace accessories that keep insects and rodents out of your wood and protect your firewood from rot.

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Finally you will need a flame source. I use fireplace matches since I have them always handy on the mantel in my match holder.


Step 2: Make a Good Base - As in any good structure, a good base is the secret to success. This can be obtained by placing two split logs horizontally on your fireplace grate (firebox floor if you have a wood stove or fireplace insert). Leave enough space between the two logs to place some firestarters and newspaper (shown at right).


Why does the wood matter?

Proper moisture content is very important.  Since wood combusts at 450° and water boils at 212°, you can see where wet wood can be a problem.