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Thermo-Rite's stock Z-Door Installation

Jun 17th 2020

Thermo-Rite's stock Z-Door Installation

Thermo-Rite's stock Z-Doors are made as inside fits. Air Studs™ or an Air Draft Bar™ is used to space or elevate the frame so that it maintains the cooling air intakes located inside the firebox.  In most applications, we allow an air space between the outside of the enclosure and the firebox opening.  The Z-Door is a sleek, full-framed, tarnish free anodized aluminum enclosure. 


The Z-Door installs into a recessed area on your fireplace opening and is designed to fit specific fireplace models.  Installation is fast and easy, simply attach the "L" brackets to the door frame (if needed), fit the frame into your fireplace and mark where the holes are to be drilled.  Drill 4 holes and attach the door using the screws provided.  Attach the glass doors to the enclosure frame.