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How to Choose Gas Logs? | Choosing Gas Log Kits

There are a few features or characteristics to take into consideration when shopping for gas logs. You need to think about things like fuel type (natural gas or propane), vented or ventless gas logs (aka vent free) looks (oak, birch, charred or even spheres), brands names, indoor, outdoor, things like that just to name a few.

One of the most important details to consider when picking out your gas log set is the way in which it will fit in your fireplace. Not only is the size of the set going to affect the look of the fireplace, a proper fit will ensure efficient operation and help you get the most out of your gas logs. You might be thinking, "a proper fit? So as long as it clears the door(s) and sits level?" But there is a little more to it than that. It's fairly simple though, let us explain.

What Size Gas Logs or Gas Burning Log Set Do I Need? | How to Determine the Best Size Gas Logs for My Fireplace?

Measuring for Gas Logs

Start out with 3 Measurements:

  • The Front Width of The Firebox - Side Wall to Side Wall by Opening
  • The Rear Width of The Firebox - Side Wall to Side Wall by Back Wall
  • The Depth of The Firebox - Front to Back in Center of Firebox

The gas log set you choose should appease the minimum dimension requirements for your fireplace. The requirements are as follows:

  • The gas log set should allow 2"-6" on either side of the front width dimension. For example, if you have a front width that equals 28", and are eyeing a 24" set, this will work perfectly for the front width requirement since it allows 2" on either side of the set.
  • The rear width dimension should be equal or less than the size of the log set. Using the same example as above, in order for this 24" log set to satisfy the rear width requirement, your rear width dimension must be 24" or less.
  • When it comes to the depth, as a general rule your dimension needs to be 12"-14" for most fireboxes (16"-18" of clearance for see-through fireplaces) to allow adequate clearance.

Note - Be careful when measuring a Pre-Fab fireplace, typically you will need a 36" fireplace (Front Width Dimension) for a 24" gas log set.

The burner system size will coordinate equally with the gas log size chosen. For example, a 24" burner system for a 24" log set.

Where to Buy Gas Logs?

Northline Express is your one-stop online shop for gas log sets of all variations. Shop top brands, traditional or contemporary designs, vented or vent free (ventless), and all sizes. We are sure we have the perfect gas log set for you and your home.

We at Northline Express want you to feel completely confident in your gas log purchase. For more information on selecting the right gas log set for you check out our help article. How to Choose a Gas Log Set.

If you are still unsure which gas log set is appropriate for your fireplace, contact our professionals at 1-866-667-8454 (or email us) and get assistance ensuring you get the correct size and function for your unique application.

Don't forget the gas log accessories, once you find the perfect size gas logs!