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How to Choose a BBQ Grill

Jun 16th 2020

How to Choose a BBQ Grill

How to a Choose BBQ Grill

Northline Express offers a simple variety of Charcoal Grills, Gas Grills and Infrared Grills with all the options you can possibly imagine! Make the purchase of your new grill quick and easy by using our BBQ grill guide below.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are the best choice if you’re looking for that great smoky flavor. Using charcoal allows you to cook with a white hot heat which is perfect for searing and cooking meats properly like a pro! It is said that cooking with charcoal can retain more nutrition in your food verses cooking on a gas grill.

The grill purists say the best smoky taste comes from charcoal grills. That is a matter of opinion - or heated debate. One thing is for sure about today's charcoal grills: these aren't like your grandfather's grill. Historically, the charcoal grill meant almost an hour of prep time before the first steak could hit the grill. Today's models cut this time significantly. Most are less than 30 minutes. Some even march triple-time and are ready in less than 10 minutes.

Charcoal Grills Price Portable Cooking Area
Primo $$$ Yes 360-680 sq in
Kettle $ Yes 375 sq in
Smokey Mountain Grill $ Yes 733 sq in
IG Charcoal Grill $ Yes 511.5 sq in

Primo Grills

Primo Charcoal Grills are available in a variety of designs to meet your cooking needs! The Primo Grill can stand on its own, be placed on a counter or in a built-in outdoor kitchen. Northline Express offers all of the sizes and accessories you need to complete your Primo Grill.

This grill can smoke, roast, grill or bake any food and has an impressive capacity. Even the smallest Primo Grill can house 8-15 steaks! There are 4 models available, which are the XL 400, Large 300, Junior 200, and Kamado All-In-One. See the chart below to compare models:

Primo Grills

Primo Model Cooking Area Rack System Total Cooking Area Cooking Grid
XL 400 400 sq in 280 sq in 680 sq in 18.5" x 25"
Large 300 300 sq in 195 sq in 495 sq in 15" x 22"
Junior 200 210 sq in 150 sq in 360 sq in 13.5" x 18.5"
Kamado All-In-One 280 sq in NA NA 18.5" dia.

Gas Grills

A Gas Grill will be your top choice if you’re looking for convenience and total control. If you are pressed for time the gas grill is the one to get the job done. It can heat up very quickly and you’ll be ready to start grilling within minutes. You also have better control over your temperatures and easy clean up!

Gas grills include the propane variety that uses LP tanks - as well as built-in grills with natural gas hookups. The most common on the market come with many options and configurations. Overall, LP gas tanks are readily available. But one clear benefit of a fixed grill is the option of connecting to a natural gas line.

Infared Grills

More than twice as hot as traditional gas grills, infrared grills use radiant heat to boost the BTUs. With cooking temperatures around 800 degree F, you can sear steaks like a high-end steakhouse. Above the gas burner, a radiant plate deploys the heat while keeping the food moist. Here at Northline Express we offer a line of Solaire Infrared Grills.

Solaire Grills

These grills will be your top choice if you’re looking for a grill that can cook quick and is portable. Whether you’re in your boat, RV or tailgating, the Solaire Grill is an absolutely must! Solaire Grills can be set on any surface as they have adjustable leveling feet or you can purchase the compatible tripod stand.

Get the great flavor of an intensely-hot charcoal fire with the control, convenience, and consistency of gas! These grills heat up in just three minutes and cooks food to perfection in half the time of more traditional units! It operates on a simple one pound cylinder and can be connected to a standard 20 lb cylinder with a propane tank adapter (sold separately). When you’re done cooking, simply disconnect the cylinder and the grill is cooled down enough to travel within 15 minutes. The front locking lid latches will secure your Solaire Grill for travel.

Solaire Grills
Solaire Model Cooking Area Size Price
Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel 155 sq in 21”w x 12”h x 13”d $$
Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill 304 Stainless Steel 155 sq in 21”w x 12”h x 13”d $$
Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill 304 Stainless Steel 155 sq in 21”w x 9”h x 13”d $

Whether you're a grill master or beginner, Northline Express has the BBQ Grill of your dreams! Visit our BBQ Grill section to view everything we have to offer here! We also offer a variety of accessories to add to your existing grill. For the lastest coupons and deals, sign up for our email on our Discount Page Here. Happy Grilling from the team at Northline Express!