How to Clean a Chimney

Jun 9th 2020

How to Clean a Chimney

Chimneys need periodic examination and thorough cleaning with a chimney brush to maintain efficiency and to reduce the chance of a chimney fire. Build-up of creosote and soot that accumulates on the chimney walls reduces the draft needed by the stove or fireplace which may cause smoke to come out the opening or door.  Creosote is flammable and can easily fuel a chimney fire.  Methodical cleanings through the heating season combined with proper burning of fuel and systematic use of effective creosote and soot inhibitors, provides the best solution for trouble-free performance. If a fire has occurred, have your chimney thoroughly inspected by a certified professional before attempting to use it again. Dramatic results occur in a chimney regularly with liquid creosote remover as seen top image on the right.

CAUTION: When cleaning chimneys by any method, wear appropriate eye protection, gloves and an approved dust mask. Cover fireplace opening or stove and all rugs and furniture in work area. Soot and corrosive debris from cleaning may cause damage. Work that requires ladders and working on the roof should only be done by competent experienced individuals with proper safety precautions. For your own safety, be aware of electrical and fire hazards at all times. Use caution when handling brushes, tempered spring like brush wire can injure eyes and puncture skin. Keep brushes away from children. All sizes and types of chimney brushes and chimney cleaning accessories are available.

Equipment Needed to Clean a Chimney:

In order to properly clean your chimney you will need the following items.  Make sure you have a Correctly sized chimney brush, chimney brush rods or rope and pull rings (depending on method used), fireplace cover (for use with an ash vacuum or to contain dust), protective covering for furniture and rugs, tape, metal bucket, small shovel and broom, vacuum cleaner, and a powerful flashlight.

Chimney Cleaning Directions:

Measure your chimney carefully to determine the correct brush size to select. Carefully measure the inside of the chimney tile or pre-fabricated chimney diameter. NOTE: An oversize brush will not improve cleaning action and could become lodged in the chimney. An undersize brush will not provide the pressure on the walls for proper cleaning.IMPORTANT: TIGHTEN ALL FITTINGS SECURELY!

Round chimney brushesIn order to properly clean your chimney you will need a correctly sized chimney brush, chimney brush rods or rope and pull rings depending on method used.
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