DuraTech Chimney Pipe FAQ

Posted by Jeffrey Swerdan on Aug 31st 2023

DuraTech Chimney Pipe FAQ

DuraTech Chimney components are manufactured by DuraVent and can be used on wood burning fireplaces, stoves and more

DuraTech brand vent pipe is manufactured by DuraVent. DuraVent offers a wide variety of brands, each specializing in a different venting application. They offer single wall, double wall and triple wall pipe options.

DuraPlus is an all fuel, triple wall Class A chimney pipe vent system. DuraPlus is suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

  • DuraPlus is a triple wall chimney vent system designed for use with such appliances as:
    • Wood burning stoves
    • Fireplaces
    • Furnaces
    • Boilers
    • Ranges
    • Water heaters and a variety of other appliances that burn wood, coal or oil

  • DuraPlus features a triple wall construction on all of it's venting components. The three walls consist of an inner stainless steel liner, a middle insulating layer, and an outer galvanized steel casing.

  • DuraPlus is known for its versatility and can be used in various installations, including through walls and ceilings.

  • It offers excellent insulation and maintains higher flue temperatures, which can help reduce creosote buildup and enhance draft efficiency.

DuraTech is an all fuel, double wall Class A chimney pipe system. DuraTech is mainly used only in residential installations, but there may be some commercial applications where it can be used.

  • DuraTech is a double-wall chimney pipe system designed for use with
    • Wood stoves
    • Fireplaces
    • Zero Clearance Factory built Fireplaces
    • Furnaces
    • Boilers
    • Water heaters
    • and other appliances fueled by wood, coal, oil or gas

  • It features a double-wall construction with an inner stainless steel wall made of .020" 430 stainless steel and an outer wall of either .021" galvalume steel or .016" 430 stainless steel..

  • Dura Tech is available in various sizes and configurations.

  • This system is often used in situations where insulation requirements are not as high as those of DuraPlus, but where reliable and durable venting is still essential.

  • The other added benefit of DuraTech is that it comes in both galvanized and stainless steel options.
    • Galvanized chimney sections can be used indoors, but can not be used on the exterior of the home.
    • Stainless steel Class A chimney pipe is required once the venting system passes through it's first wall or ceiling.
    • The benefit of having two styles, is that the DuraTech galvanized components are less expensive than the stainless steel components, so you can use galvanized for the first part of the run, and then once you hit a wall or ceiling you can transition to stainless steel components.

What does All Fuel Chimney system mean?

An All Fuel Chimney system means that the venting components are approved for use on heating appliances that are fueled by wood, gas, oil and or coal.

What is the difference between stove pipe and chimney pipe?

Stove pipe and Chimney pipe are both vent pipes for heating appliances. Normally Stove pipe usually refers to black pipe that can be single wall or double wall. Normally stove pipe is only allowed to be used from the top of certain heating appliance to where the pipe will go through a wall or ceiling. Chimney pipe usually has a shiny steel finish and is used once the venting goes through a wall or ceiling and must be used from that point through the end of the run that exits the home. In most cases chimney pipe is referred to as Class A pipe, which means it has a great safety rating.

The most important thing, is to check the manual for your heating appliance as it will outline what kind of venting is required.

The reason that some people choose to use single wall stove pipe is because it allows more heat to radiate into the room, because the walls of the pipe are not usually insulated. This helps when the appliance is a main source of heat for a room.

What size pipe is used for chimney?

Chimney pipe comes in a wide range of diameters from 5 inches all the way up to 24 inches and wider. The only way to properly determine the size pipe you need is to refer to your appliance manual. The manual will list the specific diameter size required for your vent run. Check out our full line of Chimney Pipe

What should my first step be when looking for a new Chimney system?

Northline Express offers a tool called the Chimney Wizard to help you figure out all of the components that you will need for your project. We also have a Resource Center and a YouTube Page filled with helpful articles and videos.

How to cover chimney pipe?

Once the chimney vent pipe transitions through the ceiling and is exposed above the roof, a chimney cap is the best way to cover the vent pipe. Chimney caps come in a variety of styles, materials and designs. There are simple caps that slide into the vent pipe and there are designer chimney pots and shrouds for more high end projects. Northline Express offers a wide variety of Chimney Caps.