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Mosquito Magnet Maintenance & Manuals

Mosquito Magnet Maintenance & Manuals

Jun 17th 2020

Your Mosquito Magnet owner's manual contains all of the necessary tools you will need including maintenance and cleaning tips, Mosquito Magnet trouble shooting, end of season storage for mosquito traps, and more to make sure that your Mosquito Magnet is always operating to the best of its ability. If for any reason you can't find the answer to your questions regarding your Mosquito Magnet trap in the trouble shooting or manual portion of this article, our knowledgeable customer service representatives are standing by and are ready to answer all of your mosquito trap related questions.

Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet Trobleshooting Problem

Mosquito Magnet won't start

Is the propane tank empty? 1. Weigh tank against "empty" weight written on tank. Replace with full propane tank.

If the propane tank is new, it may have air blockage. Has it been purged? Take propane tank to filling location. Air may be in the fuel line. Ask for the tank to be purged. Hint: If you have another propane powered device operating on a standard, 20lb propane tank, try hooking that tank up to the trap to verify that the issue is with your tank.

If the tank has been opened too quickly, security check valve might have triggered. Disconnect the regulator from the tank and reconnect. Then open the regulator valve slowly.

Is the power cord plugged in? Verify all electrical connections. Make sure you are using the correct power requirements for your unit.

Is there a loose connection? Make sure your regulator is fully engaged, and propane tank valve is fully open on mosquito traps.

The outdoor temperature is below 50 degrees F. Mosquitoes are not active in this climate; wait until the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) before starting your Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap.

Mosquito Magnet won't stay running

The tank regulator isn't fully engaged.Make sure the regulator is fully engaged, and propane tank valve is fully open.

Propane tank may be empty or may need to be purged. Go through above steps 1, 2, and 3.

Regulator is not fully engaged. Instructions:

  • Tighten regulator knob onto tank
  • Turn the knob as far as possible by hand
  • Loosen the knob 1/4 turn
  • Re-tighten to maximize seal
  • *If gas empty code shows, press the off button, close the tank valve, and remove the regulator from the tank. Re-attach the regulator and try again.

    Fuel line may be blocked by propane contaminates. Instructions:

  • Shut down your mosquito trap and let the fan run until it stops
  • Close the propane tank valve by turning to the "off" position
  • Remove protective cap from easy Quick Clear valve in the back of the trap
  • First hand-screw the Quick Clear adapter onto the valve
  • While holding the adapter in place, screw the Quick Clear cartridge into the Quick Clear adapter
  • To start the cleaning process, while holding Quick Clear adapter in place, unscrew the Quick Clear cartridge 1/4 turn only
  • Unscrew the Quick Clear cartridge first, then unscrew Quick Clear adapter and discard the spent Quick Clear cartridge. Remember to keep the Quick Clear adapter for future use
  • Replace protective cap, and proceed with normal start-up of your Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap
  • Low or no catch

    Insects may not be out yet. Verify that temperature is consistently above 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) before starting mosquito traps.

    Trap is improperly placed. Mosquito Magnet Placement Article

    Biting insects reproductive cycles have not been broken yet. Keep your Mosquito Magnet in constant operation 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for 4 weeks to interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle and get rid of mosquitoes.

    CounterFlow may be disrupted.Air flow may be restricted. Call customer care at: 1-800-953-5737.

    Unit shut-down

    High-temperature.Turn off the trap and allow it to cool down for an hour; then restart it. If the code continues call customer care at: 1-800-953-5737.

    Battery voltage low. Instructions:

  • Charge the battery before the first use and at the beginning of each season. The charger LED will be green when the battery is fully charged. (Executive Mosquito Magnet Model)
  • Check battery connection; make sure it is fully inserted and locked. (Executive Mosquito Magnet model)
  • If a fully charged battery indicates low battery voltage during the cycle, recharge, or replace the battery. (Executive Mosquito Magnet model)
  • Make sure the 4 C batteries are properly installed and fresh. (Independence Mosquito Magnet model)
  • Ensure that the battery cage connector is properly installed. (Independence Mosquito Magnet model)
  • After several repeated unsuccessful attempts, replace with 4 new C batteries. (Independence Mosquito Magnet model)
  • Electrical fault. Contact customer service at: 1-800-953-5737.

    Thermistor fault. Contact customer service at: 1-800-953-5737.

    Mosquito Magnet Owner's Manuals Image Model Number Owner's Manual MM4100

    A Wealth o' Knowledge!  Mosquito Magnet Patriot Owner's Manual


    A Wealth o' Knowledge!  Mosquito Magnet Independence Owner's Manual


    A Wealth o' Knowledge!  Mosquito Magnet Executive Owner's Manual

    Mosquito Magnet End of Season Storage

    Follow these simple storage steps to ensure the longevity of your Mosquito Magnet and maximize mosquito trap performance.

    1. Switch the Mosquito Magnet to the OFF position.
    2. Let the mosquito trap stand and cool down until the fan stops running.
    3. Close the propane tank valve.
    4. Disconnect the regulator.
    5. Remove and dispose of any open Mosquito attractants (check attractant label for proper disposal instructions).
    6. Discard the bug bag.
    7. Store the trap indoors in a garage or shed during the off-season.
    8. Cover the trumpet on the trap with a garbage bag and secure it tightly around the bottom to keep dust, spider webs and other debris from collecting inside of the trap. We also recommend covering the engine and propane supply hose.
    9. Be sure to place the trap in a cool dry place.
    10. It is suggested that you use the Quick Clear adapter before seasonal storage to avoid build-up of contaminants during the off-season.

    *Caution: Storage of an outdoor gas appliance indoors is only permissible if the tank is disconnected and removed from the outdoor gas appliance.

    Mosquito Magnet Starting Instructions Mosquito Magnet Patriot
  • Insert octenol or Lurex attractant in compartment per instructions in the attractant package.
  • Connect regulator to propane tank.
  • Plug power connector into trap.
  • Plug AC adapter into electrical socket. (To avoid the risk to electrical shock, connect only to properly grounded outlets.) Adapter unit is intended to be mounted.
  • Slowly turn propane tank valve on.
  • Turn rocker switch to "on" position.
  • The red light will flash up to 20 minutes (warm up phase).
  • Once the light stops flashing and is solid, the Mosquito Magnet is fully operational.
  • *Should you experience an interruption of power, be sure to restart the trap.

    Mosquito Magnet Independence
  • Insert Octenol or Lurex attractant in compartment per instructions in attractant package.
  • Install 4 "C" batteries into the rear compartment.
  • Connect regulator to propane tank.
  • Slowly turn propane tank valve on.
  • Push ON/OFF switch to ON position.
  • LED light will turn solid orange indicating warm-up.
  • After 15-20 minutes, trap LED light will turn solid green.
  • At this time the trap is running at full capacity.
  • Mosquito Magnet Executive
  • To start the trap, press and hold the ON/OFF button for three seconds.
  • The orange LED will illuminate.
  • RUN will show on the display.
  • WARM and the indicator arrows will also flash on the display.
  • The LED (indicator above ON/OFF button) will be orange.
  • The fan will ramp from low speed to high speed after approximately 3 minutes.
  • The display will flash WARM and the LED will be orange for approximately 15-20 minutes while the trap is warming up.
  • After the trap reaches operating temperature, the LED will be green and WARM will appear from the display.

  • Mosquito Magnet Maintenance

    Mosquito Magnet Patriot
  • Refill propane. (Propane lasts approximately 21 days with 24-hour/7-days operation.)
  • Replace octenol or Lurex attractant cartridge. See Mosquito Magnet attractant label for instructions.
  • Empty or replace bug bag.
  • Utilize the Quick Clear adapter at every tank change.
  • Periodically wipe down the outside of the trap with a clean, water damp cloth.
  • Mosquito Magnet Independence
  • Refill propane. (Propane lasts approximately 21 days with 24-hour/7-days operation.)
  • Replace octenol or Lurex attractant cartridge. See Mosquito Magnet attractant label for instructions.
  • Empty or replace bug bag.
  • Utilize the Quick Clear adapter at every tank change.
  • Periodically wipe down the outside of the trap with a clean, water damp cloth.
  • Replace your 4 "C" batteries every season.
  • Mosquito Magnet Executive
  • Refill propane. (Propane lasts approximately 21 days with 24-hour/7-days operation.)
  • Replace octenol or Lurex attractant cartridge. See Mosquito Magnet attractant label for instructions.
  • Empty or replace bug bag.
  • Utilize the Quick Clear adapter at every tank change.
  • Periodically wipe down the outside of the trap with a clean, water damp cloth.
  • Charge your battery for 24 hours at the beginning of the season.

  • Mosquito Magnet Cleaning and Routine Services

    Mosquito Magnet Cleaning tips:

    • Use Quick Clear cartridge with the Quick Clear valve to prevent clogging from the build-up of propane contaminants in mosquito traps. This should be done after the first propane change and after each tank change to avoid mosquito trap failure from clogging.
    • Empty and clean the Mosquito Magnet net when it is half full. The net should be replaced if it becomes ripped, damaged, or excessively dusty in order to be an effective method of mosquito control.
    • Wipe the outside of the mosquito trap down with a water damp cloth when necessary and before storage.
    • Remove any dead bugs that are stuck to the inside of the vent that might cause reduced air flow and make the vacuum on mosquito traps less effective.
    • It is imperative that the control compartment, burners, and circulating air passageways of the mosquito-magnet heater be kept clean.
    • Discard any open octenol or Lurex attractants as directed on attractant package.

    Mosquito Magnet Routine service tips:

    • Inspect mosquito trap heater before each use. Heater inspection should also be performed annually by a qualified service person.
    • Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air on mosquito traps.
    • Keep the ventilating openings of the cylinder enclosure free and clear from debris.
    • Maintain adequate clearances of 20"-24" around air openings into the combustion chamber, clearances from combustible material, provisions for accessibility and for combustion and ventilating air supply.
    • Keep the mosquito trap free and clear from combustible materials, gasoline, and other flammable vapors and liquids. The Mosquito Magnet is not to be used in locations where flammable vapor or explosive dust is likely to exist.
    • Avoid improper use of extension cords. Keep connections away from moisture and avoid damage to the cord.
    • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid hazard during your mosquito control efforts.
    • The trap shall be used outdoors only in a well-ventilated space for mosquito control and shall not be used in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area.

    Propane tank operating and handling tips:

    • A maximum of a 20 lb. LP-gas cylinder should be used with all mosquito-magnet models.
    • The LP-gas cylinder must be provided with a shut off valve terminating in an LP-gas cylinder valve outlet specified for connection No. 510 in the Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections, ANSI/CGA-V-1-1977.
    • The LP-gas cylinder supply system must be arranged for vapor withdrawal and the cylinder must include a collar to protect the cylinder valve.
    • The LP-gas cylinder used shall be constructed and marked in accordance with the specifications for LP-gas cylinders of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) of the National Standard of Canada CAN/CSA-B339.
    • The LP-gas cylinder must be disconnected and removed from the appliance, if the appliance is stored indoors.
    • LP-gas cylinders must be stored outdoors in a well-ventilated area out of reach of children.
    • Disconnected cylinders must have threaded valve plugs tightly installed and must not be stored in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area.
    • The pressure regulator and hose assembly supplied with this appliance must be used for connection to the LP-gas cylinder. Replacement pressure regulators and hose assemblies must be specified by the manufacturer.

    *Installation and repair should be done by a qualified service person. Find service centers on

    Tips for Mosquito Magnet when not in use:

    • Turn off gas at the supply cylinder.
    • Store mosquito trap indoors only if cylinder is disconnected and removed.
    • Cylinders must be stored outdoors, out of reach of children and must not be stored in a building, garage or any other enclosed area.

    Tips for optimum Mosquito Magnet operation:

    • Be patient and allow 4 weeks of mosquito trap operation to significantly reduce the mosquito population and gain mosquito control.
    • Allow trap to cool for 5 minutes before restart.
    • Never spay insecticide in or around the trap.
    • Trap can be left running in the rain during mosquito control efforts.
    • If using lime or fertilizer compounds to gain mosquito control, be sure to shut down the trap first to prevent dust or fine mist from being drawn into the trap and clogging the bug bag.
    • Follow proper mosquito trap placement guidelines.
    • Operate your mosquito trap at the times you are experiencing the most mosquito activity or 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
    • Use the correct attractant in accordance with which mosquito species you are targeting.

    *See more Mosquito Magnet tips for optimum performance in our Mosquito Trap Optimization Article.

    Mosquito Magnet mosquito traps are proven to be an extremely effective and fairly low-maintenance method of mosquito control. Not only do Mosquito Magnet traps protect you from itchy mosquito bites and mosquito-borne illnesses, they also kill mosquitoes and break mosquito breeding cycles to prevent future mosquito generations from becoming a nuisance around your property. If properly maintained and operated, your Mosquito Magnet mosquito killer will last throughout years and years of mosquito-free outdoor entertaining.

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