Mosquito Magnet Placement

Jun 18th 2020

Mosquito Magnet Placement

Mosquito Magnet Trap Placement and Optimization

Proper placement of the Mosquito Magnet is crucial to the success of your mosquito control efforts and the catch rate of the mosquito trap. The only way the Mosquito Magnet is going to draw mosquitoes away from you and lure them in towards the trap is if it is placed in an area that enhances each element of the trap to its full potential.

Once your Mosquito Magnet is placed in a prime trapping location, you should start to see the results of your mosquito control efforts in about 7-10 days. After 4-6 weeks of continuous use, the female mosquitoes that live in and around the property will be captured and the mosquito population will begin to reduce. Keep in mind that it will take the Mosquito Magnet that full 4-6 weeks to interrupt the breeding cycle.

For the best results when killing mosquitoes with you Mosquito Magnet, follow these simple guidelines for proper placement and Mosquito Magnet optimization.

Mosquito Magnet Placement

Steps to Mosquito Magnet Trap Placement

1. Locate the primary mosquito breeding area

  • Determining the primary mosquito breeding area on your property will allow you to put a direct hit on the mosquito population before they get to you. The Mosquito Magnet should be placed between breeding areas and outdoor living areas. Breeding areas are normally located in stagnate water, bushes, and in shady areas with tall grass.

2. Avoid high traffic areas

  • Place your Mosquito Magnet 30-40 feet away from outdoor living areas so that mosquitoes and other biting insects will be drawn to the mosquito trap and not you, and avoid getting itchy mosquito bites. The Mosquito Magnet should be placed as close to the breeding area as possible and away from areas that are frequented by humans and animals.

3. Place the Mosquito Magnet trap upwind

  • Place your Mosquito Magnet upwind from the primary mosquito breeding area so that the octenol or Lurex will effectively lure mosquitoes to the trap. Female mosquitoes fly upwind when trying to locate a human or animal host and after they feed and are full of blood their weight is doubled. After feeding, the mosquito will float back downwind to their resting area.

4. Avoid trap obstructions

  • CO2 is heavier than air, therefore it stays close to the ground. The mosquitoes will follow the CO2 plume to the trap. If its placed in high grass the flow of the plume will be impeded and the mosquitoes won't find it...they'll find you.

5. Place the Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap in a shady area

  • Most mosquitoes don't like the heat of the direct sun. As the sun rises and sets, mosquitoes come out of their resting places. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are the exception in the mosquito species and will feed during the day even in direct sunlight however, traps will still effectively kill them as they also like to rest in the shade.

Watch how to place the Mosquito Magnet in your yard

Follow as many of these simple guidelines on how to kill mosquitoes as you can for higher catch rates, optimum trapping performance and overall success in your mosquito control efforts. The Mosquito MagnetExecutive and Mosquito Magnet Independence are cordless, you can place them virtually anywhere which makes it possible to target breeding areas and kill mosquitoes.