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The Shasta Camping Stove

Shasta Vent
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This is a high quality, portable, wood burning, camping stove. The construction of the barrel is .040" Extra thick carbon steel, and the top plate is .080" Thick steel plate. The stove's legs fold in and out, and are secured with a clevis pin. The legs do not detach. 5 Sections of 15" venting pipe are included which fit inside the stove for convenient storage. There is a spark arrestor cap with eyelets for attaching guy wires (not provided) for windy conditions. The front access door has a locking mechanism, and the top plate has a removal 6" round access plate. There is a convenient carry handle that can also be used to hang a towel. A carry bag is provided with this kit. The stove top plate is 17.5" x 10" and it stands 20" high when stove is setup for use. You can use all or part of the vent pipes to match your needs. One vent pipe section has a damper for managing your burn rate. The front access door also has a removable ash-tray that extends from the front opening. This kit comes with a high temperature glove, vent pipe & spark arrestor cap, and a carry case.

Shasta Camping Stove Kettle NOT Included and must be purchased separately

  • 25 lbs

  • Top Plate is .080" thick with removable plate

  • Includes 5 lengths of 15" Vent Pipe and Spark Arrestor

  • One pipe section includes Damper to control your burn rate
  • Legs fold up and down, secured by pins.

  • Includes: Carrying Case, Ash Shelf, and Hi-Temp Glove
  • Shasta Camping Stove Kettle NOT Included and must be purchased separately

  • Top Plate Measures 17.5" x 10" and it stands 20" High when stove is set up for use

  • Front access door that includes locking mechanism

  • Removable 6" round access plate

  • Convenient carrying handle

  • Dimensions: 10 x 17 x 17

  • Most surfaces on the stove will become HOT when burning. Please keep children and pets at a safe distance as not to cause burns

12.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
19.00 (in)
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Shasta Camping Stove Kettle NOT Included and must be purchased separately

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Winchester Metals
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Outdoor Grills
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Portable Grills
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Tailgate Grills
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