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Why Buy an Electric Patio Heater

Jun 17th 2020

Why Buy an Electric Patio Heater

electric patio heater

What Makes an Electric Patio Heater Right for Me?

Electric patio heaters are an economically and environmentally sound way to extend your outdoor entertaining capabilities and keep your outdoor area warm and comfortable long after the summer season has passed. Aside from transforming your patio into a warm and welcoming environment, electric patio heaters offer countless other benefits that make them the perfect option for all of your outdoor heating needs.

Electric patio heaters are perfect heating solutions for both homeowners and business owners. Be it a pool area, balcony, garage or workshop, or a an outdoor seating area at a pub, restaurant, or club, portable electric heaters will create an atmosphere that is just as comfortable and enjoyable as your indoor rooms.

Read the following features and benefits and discover how an electric patio heater can improve the quality of your outdoor lifestyle.


Electric patio heaters offer convenient outdoor heating

Perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of heating your outdoor area with an electric patio heater is their simplicity and design flexibly. Portable electric heaters are easily operated by plugging them into and flicking a switch and without any valves, ignition components, moving parts or burners that will need to be replaced electric outdoor heaters are virtually maintenance free. Electric outdoor heaters don't require any kind of extensive installation and they don't require any kind of ventilation system.

Electric outdoor heaters are effective and efficient

The heat from an electric patio heater is instant and outdoor heating performance is superior since they effectively heat people, tables, furniture, walls and objects directly around them as opposed to heating the air around the heater. Those objects heated by the electric patio heater then create ambient heat which in turn heats the air. Since no heat is wasted heated empty air, portable electric heaters are extremely energy efficient and effective outdoor heating sources.

Outdoor patio heaters are reliable outdoor heating appliances. While gas patio heaters will operate with decreased efficiency in temperatures below 40 degrees, electric patio heaters are able to effectively heat people, furniture, floors, walls and other object directly around them even when temperatures drop below 40 degrees and are not affected by wind unlike their gas counter parts.

Portable electric heaters are clean burning and safe

Electric outdoor heaters are generally safer than their gas counterparts when used to heat outdoor rooms. Portable electric heaters offer odor free, silent operation and do not give off carbon dioxide or any other harmful emission. Electric outdoor heaters do not use an open flame to create radiant heat and clearances for an outdoor patio heater are very minimal when compared to outdoor heating appliances that use gas. Electric patio heaters are controlled by your home's power supply and are regulated by a normal switch which presents no significant fire hazard.

electric outdoor heaters

Electric patio heater styles offer unmatched design flexibility

Electric patio heaters add a new dimension to flexibility with a variety of stylish models that can be installed virtually anywhere. Practically any outdoor setting can be warmed and made more comfortable with an electric outdoor heater be it a garage, workshop, pool area or patio.

Electric outdoor heaters are also great for commercial outdoor heating at pubs, restaurants and clubs or anywhere else that might require additional accommodations for guests. Portable electric heaters are available in table top and traditional standing models as well as space saving models like hanging and wall and ceiling mounts.

Electric outdoor heaters are great for heating your outdoor area on those cold fall and winter nights. Generally portable electric heaters can warm up to a 10 to 15 foot radius and raise the temperature of the room by about 15 degrees. Furnish your outdoor area with an electric patio heater and use your outdoor room to its full potential.