10'' Chimney Pipe

Why DuraTech - DuraTech Chimney Systems are preferred by professional installers on new chimney installations. They offer high quality, superior performance and ease of handling during installation. DuraTech chimney systems feature a double-wall construction with a ceramic insulation blanket for added safety and protection. DuraTech is designed to stay cool to the touch on the outside of the pipe while ensuring high flue gas temperatures for optimum performance. DuraTech is available in 5"-24" diameters.
Why DuraChimney II - DuraChimney II is an exceptional factory-built alternative to pre-fabricated masonry chimneys. DuraChimney II Chimney systems feature a unitized, lightweight design which eliminates the need for field assembly of pipe sections. DuraChimney II chimney pipe requires a 2" clearance to combustible materials and is available in 10"-16" diameters.
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