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Whether you are going out camping or are hosting an outdoor event, canopy tents, pop-up shelters, and pop-up tents are common, essential fare for warding off the elements and designating the area you are using. Some of these portable shelters simply put a roof over your head; others include walls and doors. But two things that remain consistent across all these different items are their durability and how easy they are to set up and subsequently tear down. So there is guaranteed to be a shelter that fits your specific needs.

When you are hosting an outdoor event like a picnic or even a small fair, you will need a canopy tent to protect your wares and guests from any rain. Our canopies come in all shapes and sizes, with the smallest ones starting at 8x8 and the largest sitting at 12x12. Use the smallest ones as shaded areas for picnics. The large ones are fantastic for group settings like church revivals or Boy Scout camping trips.

Add one, three, or even four walls to your canopy tent and you suddenly have a pop-up shelter. Fully protect yourself and your party from the elements with one of our handy pop-up tents designed to give you perfect protection against wind, rain, and snow. The lightweight canvas makes transport and storage easy. In addition to that, the pop-up tent will support as many as you require based on the size of the canopy. These shelters are perfect for outdoor vendors at fairs. Some are even heat resistant so the canvas will never be damaged by exposure to gas.

We have all varieties of pop-up tents, canopy tents, and pop-up shelters for any of your needs. Our models aren't even limited to people, either! Set up a temporary storage unit for longer excursions. Keep your dog and car safe as well underneath canopies specially designed as carports and enclosures. The possibilities are practically limitless. So browse around! There is sure to be a tent or canopy that is just right for you.

Beautiful, Practical and Portable! Spend more time outdoors with one of our canopies or portable shelters from Achla, King Canopy, EZ-Up, Shelter Logic, and Coleman. Easy to set up, fun to use! Whether you're wanting to get out of the sun or rain or need more protection from biting insects, our selection of awnings, canopies and outdoor shelters will handle your needs. We carry over 240+ different models to choose from.

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