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DuraBlack Stove Pipe

If you're looking for an economical, drip-free, single-wall stove pipe, the DuraBlack stove pipe is an excellent choice. Built to DuraVent's high standards, DuraBlack chimney systems are constructed with die-formed end fittings. DuraBlack also has adjustable lengths to eliminate the need for crimping and cutting. DuraBlack stove pipe features durable 24-gauge steel construction with lock-seams and a painted black finish and requires an 18" clearance to combustible materials.

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DuraBlack Stove Pipe

DuraBlack Stove Pipe

For an economical, drip-free, single-wall stovepipe, DuraBlack is an excellent choice. Built to DuraVent’s high standards, DuraBlack is constructed with die-formed end fittings. Adjustable lengths eliminate the need for cutting and crimping. DuraBlack single-wall stovepipe completes the venting system when used with one of DuraVent’s chimney products, such as DuraTech, DuraPlus, or DuraPlus HTC.

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ApplicationsSingle-wall interior stovepipe for connecting wood stoves to manufactured chimney.
Materials and Construction24-gauge steel construction. Lock seamed. Painted black.
Clearances18" clearance to combustibles.
Diameters6", 7", 8" and 10"
Warranty5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - DuraVent warrants that its products will be free from substantial defects in material or manufacturing, if properly installed, maintained and used.

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