Heavy Weight Premium Fireplace Matches

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Fireplace Matches - Extra Large Fireplace Matches are longer and more durable than others on the market.

Get ready to warm things up with the strike of a match!

Get ready to light the fire with these UniFlame Brand Heavy Weight Premium Fireplace Matches! They are strong, sturdy and feature an 11 inch length that makes it easy to light your fire from a safe distance. 

Wooden Fireplace Hearth Matches by UniFlame are the best matches on the market.

These sturdy, high quality, Heavy Weight Fireplace Matches are extra long and extra thick to prevent them from breaking as easily when striking the match boxes. Each package includes 50 matches and they are the perfect companion to take with you on your next camping trip or to use in to light up your barbecue grill for your next backyard party. They are also great to keep around the house to light your fireplace and are also good to use to light your candles.

At 11 inches long these matches are a great way to start your fire.

The 11 inch length makes these matches ideal for reaching into deep spaces and lighting the flame in your fireplace, fire pit, BBQ grill, stove, campfire and more. The extra long Premium Fireplace Matches are perfect for getting a roaring fire started without the risk of burning yourself in the process. 

The UniFlame Brand Heavy Weight Premium Fireplace Matches are Easy to Use and most matches light with a single strike, which allows you to get the fire going quickly. 

You can receive an additional discount when purchasing quantities of six, thirty-six, seventy-two or more. 


  • 11" Long - Provides a longer burn time
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 50 Matches per pack
  • Extra Heavy-Weight design
  • Match striker on every box
  • Receive additional savings on quantities of 6, 36, 72, or more.

The Price shown above is the cost per box.

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How long is a fireplace match?

The Heavy Weight Premium Fireplace Matches by UniFlame are 11 inches in length.

Where to buy long matches?

There are many different brands and styles of matches, but the Heavy Weight Premium Fireplace Matches manufactured by UniFlame are among the strongest and most durable matches on the market. They are 11 inches in length and are 4mm thickness, Purchasing from NorthLine Express we can have the product shipped directly to your home.

  • 11" Long
  • 50 Matches per pack
  • Extra heavy-weight

Warm things up with the strike of a match!

Extra long, extra thick, high quality, Heavy Weight Premium Matches! These matches are extra long to help prevent burning yourself while lighting your fire. And they are thick which means they don't break as easy when striking.

  • 11" Long - Provides a longer burn time
  • 50 Matches per pack
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