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SkeeterVac vs Mosquito Magnet

SkeeterVac vs Mosquito Magnet

Jun 5th 2020

We get a lot of questions about comparing the SkeeterVac versus the Mosquito Magnet brands. Read more to find out the differences and which mosquito trap is best for you. See all the mosquito traps we carry at or go to the individual SkeeterVac or Mosquito Magnet categories for all product related to those brands. carries only the best, most reputable and effective mosquito traps on the market. While other forms of mosquito control such as repellants, lotions, and creams may work, we believe that mosquito traps truly are the only method of mosquito control that offers permanent results in reducing the mosquito population.

How do the Blue Rhino Skeeter Vac and Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Traps Compare?

The Blue Rhino Skeeter Vac and Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Traps not only produce immediate results, but long term results by eliminating female mosquitoes therefore, interrupting and preventing future breeding cycles.

Both the Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Traps and SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps produce exceptional mosquito control results to help you take back your yard and rid your outdoor area of disease carrying, pesky mosquitoes.

When choosing between the Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Trap and SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap, there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

1) Determine how large of an area you are going to be treating for mosquito control. Certain models of the Skeeter Vac Mosquito Traps and Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Traps cover larger areas than others.

2) The price range is higher on the Mosquito Magnet than SkeeterVac units.  The SkeeterVacs range in price from around $300 to $350 whereas the Mosquito Magnet models range from around $300 to $700.

Mosquito Lifecycle

Similar to Both the SkeeterVac and Mosquito Magnet

Both the SkeeterVac and Mosquito Magnet use convert propane to CO2, heat, and moisture to attract the pesky mosquitoes.

Both brands create electricity during this process to spin a fan that creates suction pulling the mosquitoes into a trap.

Both brands use octenol or Lurex, a special scent that mimics the human breath, to attract mosquitoes.

Both brands are cordless and generate their own electricity. However, the Mosquito Magnet models utilize a rechargeable battery for the control panel (the Mosquito Magnet Patriot uses a power cord).

Unique to the SkeeterVac

The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac models use a black and white color scheme which is known to attract mosquitoes (mostly the black).

The SkeeterVac has two methods to catch mosquitoes, the vacuum suction that pulls them into the wave trap, and the sticky paper wrapped around the motor called a Tac Trap which is very effective.

The SkeeterVac uses led lights with one infra-red light to attract mosquitoes simulating motion.

SkeeterVac SV3100

Unique to the Mosquito Magnet

The Mosquito Magnet has a patented design CounterFlow Technology for the disbursement of the CO2/octenol/heat/moisture which works well and is a good design on our opinion.

The Mosquito Magnet Executive model has a solar panel to keep the control panel operational with a battery charger as a backup. The control panel displays diagnostic information and provides various settings.

4 Fuel saving modes - up to 30 day propane usage (Executive model).

Includes an instructional DVD.

Mosquito Magnet Counterflow Technology

Mosquito traps should be placed in shady areas, away from decks and living areas, and mainly near mosquito breeding areas in order to achieve the highest level of mosquito control. Last, determine what breed of mosquitoes you are going to be treating for mosquito control. Both the Mosquito Magnet and SkeeterVac mosquito traps will use octenol and Lurex. Octenol is the typical attractant that mosquito traps will use and the SkeeterVac is the only mosquito trap on the market that provides adjustable octenol output. Both the Skeeter Vac and the Mosquito Magnet also allow the use of Lurex which is an attractant used to target the Asian Tiger mosquito. has received many satisfied customer stories of mosquito control success with both the Mosquito Magnet and Skeeter Vac mosquito traps. Although both mosquito traps offer effective results of mosquito control, SkeeterVac mosquito traps and Mosquito Magnet mosquito traps possess different features that might make one more appealing that the other in any given mosquito control situation. We've put together a comparison chart of the two to make it easy for you to decide whether the Mosquito Magnet or SkeeterVac is right for you!

SkeeterVac SV3100/SV5100 Mosquito Traps Mosquito Magnet Independence/Executive
Operation Cordless. Uses 2-AA batteries & 20 lb. LP tank (not included) Cordless. Rechargeable battery /4- C batteries. 20 lb. LP tank (not included)
Coverage SV3100 - 1 Acre / SV5100 1.5 Acres Both models cover 1 Acre
Attractant Powerful fan, Octenol, Lurex, heat, moisture, movement Powerful fan, Octenol, Lurex, heat, moisture, movement
Trapping System Sticky paper and bug bag Bug bag or bug container
Color Black and white - Black attracts mosquitoes Green and tan
Start Up Electronic ignition Easy push button start-up
Price Ranges from around $300-$350 Ranges from around $300-$700
Dedicated, U.S. based call center X X
Extra Features LED lighting, Fine tune bait block, no assembly, FREE propane tank cover 3 Part assembly, FREE placement DVD, convenient wheels for easy maneuverability, enhanced diagnostics, child safe control

SkeeterVac Testimonials

***** We have only had our SkeeterVac for about a month but so far we have been REALLY happy with it! The bugs have been so bad this year that we could not even be out a few minutes in our yard even with deet, tiki torches etc. We checked the SkeeterVac after 2 weeks of putting it out and had a ton of dead mosquitoes and the sticky part was loaded with flies. Our SkeeterVac was so full we ordered more sticky traps and after another 2 weeks with a new one that is full again also. The SkeeterVac mosquito trap itself has a whole lot of mosquitoes also. I am very happy with this purchase so far. Northline express was great also. The skeetervac was received practically over night from ordering it.

***** Excellent product. This is the first year that we have been able to comfortably use our deck after mid April due to the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac. Wish I had purchased one sooner. Excellent service by Northline. Job well done.

***** Every time I buy from NorthLine the shipping is great and the products arrive as described and they have the best pricing, this Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV3100 works great. Thanks NorthLine!

Mosquito Magnet Testimonials

***** I received the Mosquito Magnet from you folks. I would have to say the darn thing works.... it really works!!! Thanks for prompt shipment and good service.

***** We received our Mosquito Magnet as promised and when promised. Your staff, follow up procedures and deliverables are exceptional and we are glad we found you. Thanks so much for a perfect shopping experience.

****** I searched the internet for dealers of the Magnet and decided to order from Northline as the "free shipping" was appealing. WOW, what can I say about our Defender's impact on the breeding population. Never, ever, have we been able to sit outside in the early evening. We do now! Never, ever, have we swam in our pool at dusk. We do now! Never, ever, have I pulled weeds without getting chewed up. I do now! In all honesty, we wonder why we go to our lake cottage where the mosquitoes are king sized, when we could be at home in the bugless atmosphere.

We hoped this article comparing the Skeetervac versus Mosquito Magnet has been helpful in determining which mosquito control trap is right for you.

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