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SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps

The SV3100 and SV5100 SkeeterVac mosquito traps by Blue Rhino have been proven to be the best, most affective forms of mosquito control available on the market. Both Skeeter Vac models offer permanent mosquito elimination by producing a combination of carbon dioxide and moisture that simulates heat from breath or body odors and color contrasts that trick mosquitoes into thinking that the SkeeterVac is a living host. The SkeeterVac then finishes off the job by drawing the mosquitoes in, trapping
and eliminating those biting pests so your outdoor experiences are safer and more enjoyable. Blue Rhino SkeeterVac mosquito traps are designed to be operated 24 hours a day to help reduce the nuisance of mosquitoes. SkeeterVac Traps attract female mosquitoes that are seeking a blood meal to nourish their eggs. By removing these females you also remove their eggs. Attracting, trapping, and killing just one mosquito at the start of the mosquito season can prevent the birth of up to 25,000 more mosquitoes that season alone! Just imagine the dent in the mosquito population the Skeeter Vac is capable of producing by trapping and killing thousands!

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