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What Is the Best Brand Name for Gas Fireplace Logs? Most Realistic Fireplace Log Set? Modern Ceramic Fire Logs?

Northline Express has partnered up with some of today's best-selling, top quality, and most reliable gas log brand names and manufacturers. Together we are able to bring you the widest variety of styles!

Let us introduce you...

RealFyre (RH Peterson) Gas Logs

RH Peterson sets the standard in high-quality with a large selection of gas log sets that are hand-painted and recreated from actual pieces of wood. Each Peterson gas log set is durably constructed with superior refractory ceramics and inserted with steel rods. This not only allows Peterson Real Fyre gas logs to retain their strength at high temperatures but also provides maximum reinforcement and integrity so you know you're getting a quality set of fire logs that will last.

Superior Gas Logs

Superior gas fireplace logs are created using a careful balance of art and science to produce the most beautiful and most realistic fireside experience. Superior gas log sets offer authentic wood burning realism in any fireplace setting and beautiful home features that you and your family are sure to love. All Superior fire logs are painstakingly recreated from real cut wood and each log set is given its own unique touch for a look that's truly one of a kind.

Grand Canyon Gas Logs

Grand Canyon Gas Logs are proudly inspired and 100% made/manufactured in the United States of America, and have been since 2013. Each log has been handcrafted from a mold originally casted from handpicked natural logs. Each log is then hand painted into a completely one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home. This brand offers a full line of indoor and outdoor products.

Hargrove Gas Logs

Hargrove gas logs are created with long lasting materials and hand-crafted as molds to authentically recreate the natural texture and appearance of real firewood. Hargrove gas log sets also feature ceramic properties that reflect heat into the room and also store heat so even when you power down your gas fireplace, the Hargrove fire logs will produce radiant heat and reflect it back into the room, much like a real wood burning fire as it is dying down. Hargrove hearth products offer unmatched detail and realism and year after year of trouble-free performance. Choose from our large selection of Hargrove brand gas logs and experience the ultimate in beauty and convenience.

Rasmussen Gas Logs

The Rasmussen brand boasts a contemporary edge with its alternative styles like FireBalls™ developed over 30 years ago and, in more recent years, FireStones™ and FireShapes™, available in vented and vent-free designs and a variety of colors. The Rasmussen brand name has been a leading manufacturer in quality hearth products and an innovator in the gas log industry from the start.

For more information and tips for selecting the proper gas log set for you see our help article How to Choose a Gas Log Set

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