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Fireplace Grates & Baskets

Fireplace Grates & Baskets

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Shop our #1 and 5 Star rated Lifetime Fireplace Grates with a factory backed Lifetime Guarantee which will make it the last grate you'll ever have to buy!

Fireplace Grates & Baskets - Is a fireplace log grate necessary in a fireplace?

A fireplace grate is one of the most important fireplace accessories to ensure you have a warm, satisfying fire. Fireplace grates play a significant role in making sure your fire gets the air it needs. When you lift the fire off the floor you do two things, lift the fire closer to the chimney and allow air to move under the fire. By doing this you not only supercharge your fire, but you also help it draft smoke and fumes out the chimney instead of into your home. Sometimes a smoking fireplace can be cured by using a grate.

There are several types of fireplace grates to choose from and finding one that works best for your application is key to getting proper airflow to your fire and making the most out of your fireplace. We here at Northline Express, have a wide selection of styles like steel bar grates, cast iron grates, and fireplace grate heaters.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron, Steel Fireplace Grate, or a Fireplace Grate Heater - Which is the Best?

Cast Iron Fireplace Grate - For Burning Wood or Coal. These tend to be heavy-duty and will last the longest out of the grate materials. A good choice for a daily burner.

Steel Fireplace Grate - For Burning Wood. Steel bar grates are generally separated by the thickness of the bars used for constructing the grate. The general rule of thumb is the thicker the bars the longer it will last. The main things you want to look at are how often you plan on using the fireplace and which type of wood you will be burning. A thinner steel grate is ideal for the occasional or seasonal fires.

Fireplace Grate Heaters - There are various types of these heat exchangers, but the basic principle is the same. Hollow tubing gets hot from the fire and a fan blows heat through the hollow tubes into the room. These are the most efficient option, to get the most out of your fireplace.

For more information check out our help article: How to Choose a Fireplace Grate

Looking for grates specifically for your wood stove? Shop Wood Stove Grates!

When shopping for wood stove grates please note: Some stoves and fireplaces are designed to be used without a grate. Please check the instructions for your stove or fireplace to make sure yours is not designed to be used without a grate.

Wondering how big your fire grate should be? Check out our help page! How to Measure for a Fireplace Grate

Please note that grate dimensions provided on our site include the legs of the fireplace grate.

How to clean a fireplace grate?

Keeping the ashes cleared out from underneath is the most important part of keeping your grate clean and maintaining it. To clean the grate itself, it is recommended to use a wire brush and some soapy water to wipe away the soot residue the brush leaves behind.

How long should a fireplace grate last?

This usually depends on the frequency of use.

Rare Burner - If the grate will be used on a rare occasion only, holidays, birthdays, and special occasions then a lighter duty grate will do just fine.

Frequent Burner - If you are burning once a month or more than a middle to high grade grate should be considered. Also consider the type of wood, hardwoods like, Maple, Oak, Beachwood, etc. burn hotter than softer woods adding stress to your grate. Thicker steel will last longer.

Daily Burner - If this is you then you probably already know that you need the thickest, heaviest grate you can afford. We now offer a Lifetime Grate for those who burn all the time.

Lifetime Fireplace Grates - Guaranteed by the factory to last a lifetime and that it will be the last grate that you will ever buy.

Cast iron grates tend to last longer than the average steel bar grate (with the exception of extremely heavy-duty steel bar grates).

Where to buy a fireplace grate? Fireplace grates for sale - Large or Small Fireplace Grates

Let us at Northline Express find you just the right fireplace grate! Still not 100% sure which grate is right for you? No problem. Give us a call at 1-866-667-8454 and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help!

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