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Achieve your highest productivity without compromising your home's aesthetic with a beautifully crafted desk designed just for your needs! Browse styles like computer desks, executive desks, standing desks and more! Enjoy fast, free shipping on your purchase today!

Shopping for a new desk is no easy task. Let NorthlineExpress get you started in your search.

The intended purpose of the desk is going to narrow down your search immensely. There are several styles of desks, designed with specific activities in mind. Let's explore the types of desks to choose from:

Executive Desk - An executive desk is usually a little larger in size than most, thus it usually boasts an ample amount of storage space in the form of built-in cabinets and/or drawers. These are more of a classic looking desk, and more often than not the main focal point of a room. They provide a large surface area for any task at hand.

Writing Desk - A writing desk is simple by design, usually consisting of a streamlined desktop on a set of legs. These provide more of a minimalist look and are great for smaller spaces.

Computer Desk - As the name suggests, computer desks are specifically designed for computers. Not only do they provide the desktop space needed for your monitor(s), they usually have built-in features like cord portals or clearances, and occasionally chargers. Computer desks are known to have a pullout platform for your keyboard, so you aren't wasting valuable workspace on your desktop.

Roll Top Desk - A roll top desk has a lovely vintage aesthetic. These old-fashioned designs feature a desktop that can be easily hidden when the workday is over by utilizing a rounded cover that slides down over the workspace.

Secretary Desk - Secretary desks date back to the 18th century; they usually have a hinged desktop that like a roll top desk can conceal your workspace when not in use. These designs usually include storage slots or drawers on top of the desk surface. Secretary desks are typically designed for occasional use and not as ideal for frequent usage.

Standing Desk - Growing in popularity, the standing desk is a nice and healthy alternative to sitting all day. These desks require less space since there is no chair required but can be paired with a tall stool if desired. Some standing desks are adjustable and are able to go from standing position down to a standard sitting position.

Sidenote: In recent years, research has shown that standing at a desk (or alternating sitting and standing), rather than sitting all day improves overall health, it promotes lower blood sugar levels, lowers risk of heart disease, reduces back pain, elevates mood and productivity.

So, once you've decided on the intended purpose of your new desk, think about how much physical space you have for it. If you are converting a bedroom, you'll probably have more space to work with, allowing larger options like an executive desk or roll top desk, however, if you are working with a very small area, options like a folding desk or floating desk might be more practical.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time that's going to be spent at your desk. If you plan on using it occasionally for balancing your checkbook from time to time, sorting mail or even keeping up with correspondence, ergonomic design isn't quite as important versus if you are working from home and spending a majority of your time in front of your computer. Sitting for hours can be harmful to your health, desk designs like computer desks and standing desks are designed with this is mind.

So, whether your home office is your new place of employment or just a casual place to conduct personal business, NorthlineExpress has the desk just right for you! Shop our options today and enjoy fast, free shipping.

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