Smoke Guards & Fireplace Covers

Is your fireplace smoking you out? A fireplace that allows smoke to escape into the room is not only a nuisance, it is a dangerous situation. Fireplace smoke carries odorless but deadly carbon monoxide. If smoke gets into you room when you have a fire going it may be caused by your flue being too small for your fireplace's opening. A smoke guard can be used to reduce the height or width of the fireplace, making the ratio of the fireplace opening to the flue size more compatible. Whether used to enhance your hearth decor, improve the look of your fireplace, or to eliminate fireplace smoking, these spring-loaded Smoke Guards install easily, without tools. Aside from eliminating a smoking fireplace, smoke guards turn an otherwise undistinguished fireplace into a beautiful focal point for your room. Our fireplace smoke guards are available in finishes to compliment your hearth setting & fireplace accessories.