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HomeSaver Mantel Shield - Black - 47" w/ Angled Lip

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HomeSaver Heat Shield Mantel for Fireplaces

Protect your mantel and woodwork from the high temperature heat with the HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield. This fireplace heat shield can be easily customized to your mantel size and secure it using the provided hardware. A versatile heat shield that is designed to protect your mantel and surroundings from the intense high-temperature heat of your stove. Manufactured from durable 24-gauge steel in a sleek black finish, our HomeSaver Mantel Shield provides essential heat protection without disrupting the elegance of your hearth area. This innovative heat deflector allows for substantial clearance reduction to shrink the space by half, from the required 18" to 9" from the stovepipe and from 36" to 18" from the top of unlisted stoves. If you have a listed stove, please refer to your stove manual or consult the stove manufacturer for recommendations.

Fireplace Heat Shield

The HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield measures at 47 inches wide with a depth or "face" of 10 inches with an angled lip that extends 2 3/4 inches wide. These dimensions allow for an easy customized fit for your needs and an easier installation process as the heat shield arrives pre-drilled with all necessary ceramic spacers, hardware and comprehensive instructions.

Upgrade your stove and fireplace's safety and increase your mantel's longevity with our HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield, an elegant black finish made from robust 24-gauge steel for the ultimate fireplace heat shield.

How Do You Protect a Mantel from Heat?

You can use a dedicated mantel heat shield or a mantel protector. These shields are designed to protect combustible materials that are in close proximity and also redirect heat away from the mantel and surrounding areas.

Increasing mantel clearance is another way because then it won't be likely to be affected by high temperatures. However, if you cannot increase the spacing, a mantel heat shield is a great way to protect your mantel as it will disperse the heat away.

Do Fireplace Heat Shields Work?

A heat shield is an extremely valuable addition to your fireplace or wood stove set-up because it enhances safety, can preserve the appearance of your mantel and maximize efficiency of your heating system. Safety is essential and a heat shield should be considered whenever you have a wood-burning stove or a fireplace in close range to combustible materials.

Heat shields can have the capability to redirect heat into the room which improves the overall efficiency for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Using a heat shield to do so can create less heat loss through the walls or the mantel.

Heat Protection: Heat Deflector Shield

A mantel heat shield has a primary function to protect the mantel and the surrounding area of combustible materials from intense high-heat that is generated by a wood-burning stove or fireplace. A heat shield can protect your home's interior from fire hazards by excessive heat exposure.

Learn more about Wood Stove Safety and Fire Safety from the Northline Express Learning Center! You can also find a section dedicated toFireplace and Hearth for you to learn about the all there is to know about keeping your home cozy. We have customer support ready to answer your questions by using the chat feature during business hours.

  • Measures: 47" Wide x 10" Face Depth x 2 3/4" Wide Angled Lip
  • Fits most applications
  • Color: Black
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3.00 (in)
48.00 (in)
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