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Primo Remote Wireless Thermometer

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With the Primo Remote Wireless Thermometer, you can be sure that your food and grill is at the right temperature! You can monitor the dome temperature and the meat's internal temperature by placing one heat-resistant probe wire inside your Primo Grill and the other probe approximately 6 inches into your meat. Its wireless receiver with LCD Screen beeps when the temperature changes and again when the desired temperature has been reached.

Additional Information:

The Primo Digital Thermometer will help to ensure that your food and grill are at the appropriate temperature at all times. Featuring a base and wireless receiver, this unit provides accurate temperature readings from up to 300 feet away. By placing one heat-resistant probe wire inside your Primo Grill and the other probe into the meat, you can monitor the dome temperature as well as the internal temperature of the meat. The wireless receiver with LCD screen beeps and flashes when meat or temperature goes above your programmed temperature. This Primo Thermometer also features a Count-Up & Count-Down timer and a back light for use at night. The receiver has a belt clip and built in stand for keeping a close eye on your meal. The transmitter has a removable wire stand that also becomes a hanger which can be used with your grill. A special smoking chamber probe wire comes with a clip to attach to grill rack. (4 AAA batteries included)
  • Accurately measure the internal temperature of your food
  • Wireless
  • Alarm Sounds when temperature is reached, or falls below range set
Manufacturers Twenty (20) year warranty for all ceramic parts; Five (5) years for all Metal Parts (excluding cast-iron parts); One (1) year for all cast-iron parts
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United States
Winchester Metals
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Outdoor Grills
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Portable Grills
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Tailgate Grills
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