SHELTER-IT 8’ Half Round Firewood Storage Rack with Kindling Storage - No Cover

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SHELTER-IT Firewood Storage Rack with Kindling Storage - No Cover

The Shelter-It Eight foot, Half Round, Firewood Storage Rack with Kindling Storage features a unique appealing design and powder coated steel that is made of weather resistant materials; durable enough to protect against rust and corrosion while being exposed to the elements.

Heavy duty steel wood rack features unique large design for firewood storage

This Shelter-It wood storage rack features a unique half round design that’s guaranteed to impress the neighbors and help keep your firewood stacked neatly. The appealing design will help keep your firewood elevated off the ground which will help it dry and allow the wood to season and cure more effectively. Keeping the firewood off the ground also helps keep the wood from collecting mold, mildew and insects that can be attracted to the wood if left unattended in piles around the yard.

It's easy to see why the Shelter-It 8 foot firewood storage rack is one of the best firewood racks on the market. It can accommodate 1/3 face cord of wood and has an additional area designed specifically for kindling. Having both kindling and firewood at hand will make it easier to load up your fire pit, fireplace, wood stove or grill.

Having a wood log rack that is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions is an important factor when finding the right storage product. The powder coat finish includes weather resistant materials that adds to the firewood racks durability.

Metal Firewood holder specifications 

  • Black powder coat finish
  • Weather resistant materials
  • Unique half round design
  • Separate area designed for kindling storage
  • Industrial look people love in a firewood rack
  • 96 inches wide
  • 14 inches deep
  • 48 inches tall
  • Weighs 46.3 lbs.
  • Recommended to hold 16 to 24 inch logs
  • Accommodates ⅓ cord of firewood
  • Hardware and Assembly Instructions included

Log rack is designed for Outdoor or Indoor use as a Firewood Rack

The Shelter-It firewood rack is 8 feet long and can securely accommodate up to a ⅓ cord of firewood and features unique areas designed specifically for kindling. These unique areas only add to the upscale look of the product. The frame of the log rack is made of steel and the half round design allows wood to be stacked up the sides of the rack. Thus making it easy to grab wood for your fire pit, fireplace or wood stove. 

There is no cover included with this firewood rack, but covers and additional Shelter-It products can be found here with all of the Shelter It Products.

It's easy to see why the Shelter-It 8 foot Half Round Firewood Storage rack is the firewood rack that you have been looking for. It features a creative design and can hold enough wood to keep you warm when it counts.

Northline Express offers a Learning and Resource page to guide you on your project. Check out the Guide to Curing Firewood.

How much firewood fits in an 8 foot rack?

It depends on the overall dimensions and design of the rack. This Shelter-It 8 foot half round firewood storage rack can hold 1/3 cord of firewood. It also has an area to stack kindling. 

What is the best way to store firewood to keep it dry?

A heavy duty steel firewood rack is the best option for storing and keeping firewood dry. It elevates the wood off of the ground, thus eliminating potential mold, mildew and moisture problems. The rack also allows air to flow through the wood, helping it to cure quicker. If wood is allowed to cure properly then it allows your appliance to burn hotter and more efficient. 

You can also check out this Guide to Curing Firewood.

  • 8' half round, firewood storage rack with kindling storage
  • Assembled Dimensions: 8' long x 1.25' wide and 4' tall
  • Powdered coated square steel framework - bolts together for durability
  • Assembly hardware and instructions included
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Outdoor Firewood Racks
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