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Our color cones make an excellent gift for the holidays or any occasion! A beautiful show of magical blue and green flames delight young and old alike when these cones are tossed into the fire. This bag contains 2 1/2 pounds of Color Cones for an added touch of warmth to holidays and relaxing nights in front of your fireplace.

This package contains a mixture of different species of pine cones; Pinion, Loblolly, Douglas Fir and Sand Pine. Color cones should only be used in wood fires including wood burning fireplaces and campfires. They should not be used in gas log fireplaces. A well-established fire will completely burn the cones and leave no residue.

Note: These cones are not intended to start your fire but rather be tossed into established fires for the color effect.

The rug when unraveled initially may require some assistance in flattening out. To flatten out your rug upon arrival you must turn it upside down and apply heat (from a hair dryer) to the rubber bottom. Then apply weights to the corners to flatten the rug so it holds shape. This can be done multiple times to ensure the rug lays flat throughout the life of the rug.

  • 2.5 pounds per package
  • Package contains a mixture of different species of pinecones; Pinion, Loblolly, Douglas Fir and Sand Pine
  • Natural pinecones, paraffin wax, copper sulfate, and ammonium chloride are used to produce color cones

Create a festive fire with these Magical Color Cones! Toss a couple pinecones into your fireplace, turn down the lights and watch the flames dance with warm, beautiful colors. They make great holiday gifts. Share the warmth!

  • Mixture of Pinion, Loblolly, Douglas Fir and Sand Pine cones
  • Creates beautiful blue and green flames
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