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Stainless Steel Ember Extractor

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Use the Ember Extractor to quickly sift the hot coals out of the ashes to assist with the next fire. The Ember Extractor also allows you to move the ashes in any direction to assist in cleaning.

The Ember Extractor does not require any tools or assembly so it is ready to use right out of the box and it is Made in the USA for the highest quality.

The smooth elongated handle allows for ease of sifting and releasing coals to either side and the 2 side baffles allow moving ash from the right or left sides of the fireplace or stove, while the front hoe allows you to push from the front or pull ashes from the rear of the stove.

The large 6" x 12" sifting area has 1/2" square holes to reclaim larger and hotter coals for quick lighting and a double weld handle for screen durability. This Ember Extractor is recommended for fireplaces, stoves or inserts larger than 16 Inches deep.

Additional Information:


Always wear proper protective clothing and gloves.

When you are ready to clean out the ashes in your stove - recommended waiting time is 8-10 hours (time will vary depending on user) after the last load, but while the stove is still warm, using the Ember Extractor in extreme heat or left in the stove for a prolonged period of time will cause damage and void all warranties, use the Ember Extractor to create a pile of ashes in the stove/insert.

The hoe style front allows you to push ashes from the front or pull ashes from the back of the stove. The side baffles also allow ashes from the right or left to be moved in the stove. The screen frame allows you to sift through the used ash to reclaim the desired coals and pile them to one side or the other. These coals are used to relight the wood and continue burning without the use of matches, paper, or kindling.

  • Made of 100% 304 Stainless Steel
  • ½" x ½" screen holes
  • 16 ½" long x ¼" diameter. 304 Stainless Steel handle
  • 2 ½' x 6" wide 304 Stainless Steel hoe
  • ¾" side 304 Stainless Steel Baffles
  • Weight 1.28 lbs
  • 26" overall Length
  • Use the hoe to push ashes from the front and pull from back
  • Use the side baffles to push from either side of the stove
  • When your pile is complete, sift through ashes to extract coals and set to one side of stove to assist in lighting new load of wood.
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Fireplace Maintenance
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Ash Buckets
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Chimney Maintenance
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