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18 Inch Steel Bar Grate- 1/2 inch Bar

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This 18" Fireplace Grate adds elegance and simplicity to your wood burning fireplace. This 18 inch log grate promotes heavy duty bar iron construction, making it perfect for holding up the logs for your next fire. Enjoy a cozy night by the fire with this stylish grate.

Different than many other grates, a zero-clearance grate is designed to promote efficient fuel usage and keep your fire burning longer. This allows the user to save on fuel costs and enjoy their fire for longer. The simple design of this fireplace accessory allows it to accommodate any decor in your home.

  • 18" Front Width; 18" Back Width; 12" Depth

What is the Best Fireplace Grate and where to buy? Steel versus Cast Iron

The hot topic of the day is Steel versus Cast Iron. Both have their merits depending on what the user is going to be expecting and or putting their fireplace grate through. Steel is traditionally used for wood and the highest quality steel can last upwards of a lifetime. Cast Iron is used primarily for burning coal and will not last as long as the higher quality steel but will last longer than the lower tiers of steel. And while cast iron can be used for wood, with the smaller gaps, it is suggested to use smaller pieces, as ash from larger pieces of wood will build up has a harder time falling through. This can gunk up the fire and potentially have it sputter out. Steel and Cast Iron are both great materials to have in your fireplace grate, it's just about finding out what you want to get out of it and what your budget is.

What size Fireplace Grate do I need? How to measure Fireplace Grate?

Check out our article on How to Choose a Fireplace Grate. Included here, we have suggestions and tips to help you make the best decision in purchasing a new fireplace grate.

If you are not sure on what size fireplace grate you need, our article on How to Measure for a Fireplace Grate will help you figure out what is going to work for you.

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  • Black fireplace log grate
  • Heavy duty bar iron construction
  • Measures 18 inches wide with 4, 1/2" bars
  • 18" long x 12" deep
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