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Fans & Blowers

Fireplace & Wood Stove Fans and Blowers

In most fireplaces as the fire burns the majority of heat is lost up and out the chimney. If only there was a way to bring some of that lost heat back into the living space. Well, you're in luck because there are a variety of fans and blowers that are designed to bring some of that lost heat back into the home. This allows homeowners to benefit from warmer temperatures, which means saving money on energy bills as well as consuming less wood fuel for more heat.

Fireplace Blowers and fan kits are a great way to get more heat from your fire

Fireplace Blower kits and fan kits are a great way to maximize the heat output of your fireplace. These devices function by forcing heated air from the fireplace into your room, improving heating efficiency by up to seventy-five percent. 

This approach is not just effective but also economical. It helps to lower home heating costs by enabling you to get more radiant heat per square foot at a higher temperature. This is accomplished by burning less fuel and circulating extra heat into your room. These fireplace blowers and fan kits are a complete system that utilizes convection heating to generate warm air. It works by drawing in cool air from the room, heating it, and then expelling it back into your home.

Remember, proper installation of these kits is crucial to reap their full benefits. The blower unit should be securely fastened and positioned at the bottom of the firebox, near the back for optimal performance.

For traditional wood fireplaces, there are fireplace grates with blower tubes that come as kits to push air back into the room

One of the most popular fireplace heaters is the Spitfire series. The Spitfire Fireplace Heater is a tube system with a blower that features a unique design that allows the exchanger tubes to pull cold air from the room, allow the air to heat up and then the blower pushes the warm air back into the room. The exchanger tubes allow them to fit within most fireplaces. Due to the small profile, the tube heater can fit into smaller fireplaces than most other types of fireplace heaters.

There are a variety of sizes of Fireplace Hearth Heaters to fit almost any size fireplace.

There are many advantages to using fireplace heaters that are inserted into your firebox

Here are the key advantages of using fireplace fans and fireplace blower kits:

  • Increases the ambient temperature by cycling the air around the hot firebox
  • Reduces fuel consumption while maximizing heat output
  • Lower home heating costs by up to 75%
  • Distributes heated air more effectively throughout the room
  • Draws in cool air, heats it, and circulates it back into the room
  • Most blowers and fans are rated by their BTU heat output

Not all types of fireplace heaters will work with gas fireplaces and gas log sets

There are some gas log sets and gas fireplace units that prohibit the use of after-market blowers and heaters to be used. It is always required to consult the installation manual for your gas appliance, as the manufacturer will list in their manual if products such as blowers or heaters can work with their appliance. 

You will also want to check the manual for the fireplace heater or blower you are looking at purchasing. These manuals will also tell you if they are approved with gas systems. 

The safety of you, your family, and your home is the most important factor when dealing with fireplaces and home heating options. You never want to assume that two products will work together without first verifying with the appliance manufacturer or your state and local building codes.

Heat Reclaimers are a great accessory for free standing Wood Stoves that utilize black stove pipe venting

The Magic Heat Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer is a wonderful product that attaches to the black stove pipe above the wood stove. It reclaims some of that lost heat that is pulled up the chimney and pushes it back into the living space. These units are thermostatically controlled and are easy to install. The Magic Heat Reclaimer is a true heat exchanger that automatically turns the blower on and off when the proper temperatures are reached. Depending on the size of the area, a heat reclaimer combined with the radiant heat of your wood stove is enough to heat the whole room.

When looking at fireplace fans and blowers this is a great time to update your fireplace Accessories

When you are looking at adding a new after-market fireplace fan or blower to your fireplace, it is a great time to consider updating your fireplace accessories. Fireplace accessories add functionality and design to your hearth area. Check out our full line of Fireplace Accessories and give your hearth that missing touch.

FAQ - Fireplace Fans & Fireplace Blowers

Does putting a box fan in front of the fireplace help?

Using a fan in front of a fireplace can indeed assist in distributing the warm air throughout the room more effectively. This method is often referred to as forced air circulation. It works by propelling the hot air generated by the fireplace away from the immediate vicinity and across the room, thus increasing the overall room temperature.

However, it's important to note that a regular fan isn't as efficient or safe for this purpose as a built-in fireplace blower or heater will be. Fireplace blowers are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and have the added benefit of being able to draw in cool air, heat it, and then distribute it, increasing their efficiency. They also often have features such as thermostatic control for optimal performance.

To maximize safety and efficiency, it's always best to opt for a fireplace blower or heater designed for your type of fireplace.

Do fireplace blowers really work? Is a blower on a fireplace worth it?

Fireplace blowers and fan kits can be effective in improving the efficiency and heat output of your fireplace. These blower and fan kits work by drawing in cool air from the room, passing it through heated chambers around the fireplace, and then pushing the newly warmed air back into the living space. Their primary function is to distribute the heat generated by the fireplace more evenly and effectively throughout the room. 

It is important to note that blowers and fan kits will be able to raise the temperature by a large degree. They are designed to distribute the heat generated by the fireplace more evenly and effectively throughout the room. 

Their effectiveness also depends on the type and size of the fireplace that you have as well as the quality of the Blower and the BTU output that the blower and/or fan kit can produce.

Can you add a blower to an existing fireplace?

Although it will depend on what type, and style of fireplace you have, it is possible to add a blower or fan kit to an existing fireplace. For a masonry wood-burning fireplace, the tube-style heaters mentioned above are designed to work for existing fireplaces that burn wood and utilize a fireplace grate. 

For some gas fireplaces, blowers can not be added. If you have a gas fireplace or are using a gas log set, it is recommended to check with your appliance manufacturer to verify that an after-market blower kit is allowed to be used with the appliance.

What are some things to consider when adding a blower to a wood-burning fireplace?

Adding a blower to a wood-burning fireplace can be a great way to increase its heating efficiency and provide extra warmth to your living space. However, there are several important factors to consider when adding a blower to your fireplace:

  • Blower capacity: Ensure the blower has a sufficient BTU rating to circulate heat across the intended space.

  • Power source: Blowers can be electric or gas-powered. Your choice will depend on the available energy sources in your home.

  • Noise level: Some blowers can be relatively loud when operating. Consider the noise level that you're comfortable with.

  • Size of the room: The blower should be powerful enough to warm up your space without being too overpowering.

  • Installation process: You may need to hire a professional to install the blower, which involves adding an electrical outlet near the fireplace and running wiring to the blower's motor.

  • Fireplace size: Your fireplace's size will dictate the blower's size. Some blowers are designed to be flush with the wall, while others extend into the room.

  • Price range: Blowers can range in price from $100 to $500. Consider your budget when looking for a suitable model.

These considerations will guide you in selecting a blower that suits your needs and preferences, maximizes heat distribution, and enhances your fireplace's efficiency.

Where can I go to learn more about home heating projects?

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